Who wants to be a millionaire?


I do, I do! When we decided on Naples for our vacation destination in Florida, it was mostly due to it’s southern location. As meteorologists, and past vacationers to Florida, we knew that even in the Sunshine State, they could have “cold” days as well. So we wanted to go somewhere we could garentee at least some warmth. We had also visited Naples for just a night a couple of years ago on our way to the Everglades, but barely even got a taste of the city since we departed right away in the morning. But we liked what we had seen of the area and decided we needed to come back someday. So Naples it was.

Our first day, we headed down to 5th Street, which has loads of restaurants and shops, and of course, palm trees and chirping birds, and is surrounded by beautiful houses. I knew Naples was a rich city, but I guess it didn’t occur to me all the amazing houses we’d pass by while exploring. The photos below are just a few of my favorites. Some taken while walking to the beach, some taken while on a boat. And all belonging to people rich enough to own million dollar homes.