How To: Create a Pregnancy Series


A pregnancy is such a fun experience to document. Growing belly, new experiences, dreamy thoughts of your newborn. I love it. Interesting in creating your own? This is the post for you!



Obviously the first step to a pregnancy series is to take a photo. Pick up your camera, grab a trip pod and snap it once a week. You could even stop after this step! As long as you've got something to document the growing bowling ball of a belly you're developing, you're doing good. If you'd like to go further, here's my process:

- Choose an empty wall to shoot the photos against and serve as a backdrop. Choosing a wall without any direct sunshine is also important. My wall receives direct sunlight from sunrise to about 10am, and I try to take my weekly photo around 1pm each week (which works well since that's when Ephram naps). This way, the sun isn't shining directly through the window on me, but I have ample natural light available for the photo.

- Consider you're clothing. I strongly considered sticking to the same outfit each week this time, but I have very few actual maternity clothing at this point since my last pregnancy took place in Minnesota in the Winter (the very opposite of a Texas summer). So I'm just winging it this round by wearing whatever I can find.

- I don't get "the shot" the first try. I honestly take around 40-50 photos each week, running back and forth from the camera to the wall to make sure it's in focus, that I don't have a double chin, I'm not blinking, etc. (Nailing the focus is the hardest so I'll expand on my strategy here: I tape my lens cap to the wall and have my camera focus on that. Then I back up my tri-pod about 2 inches to account for the difference between the wall and where my face will be once I stand in front of the camera.) Also, I have my camera set up to take about 6 shots in a row, so I am really only going back and forth to the camera 6 or 7 times, not 50.


Adding words to a photo can be done in numerous of programs. I use Adobe Photoshop CS5 but if you don't already have a photo editor on your computer, I suggest trying out Photoshop Express online. Simply upload your photo, make any necessary edits (white balance, exposure, crop), and add your text (found under Decorate). I struggled with exactly what I wanted my text to look like this go around until I randomly perused Serena & Lily's website one day. Inspiration is everywhere. Take a look at your favorite websites, your Pinterest boards, and you'll likely run into something you like. Below is my inspiration.


I've seen so many pregnancy series. These are just a few of my favorites I've found around the web. If you've got a favorite that's not found below, add a link in the comments below. And if you start your own, I'd love to see!

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