Ephram and his Toys

So far, Ephram hasn't been very interested in toys. We show him the rattles, shake them so they make some noise, place them in his hands (when they aren't in tight fists already), and lay them in front of him during tummy time. But for the past several weeks, he still found us to be far more interesting than any toy. Well yesterday, that started to change. I set him in his bouncer, just to give my arms a rest, and like normal, jingled some of the toys in front of him. At first it was just like every other day. He just stared at them like they were nothing special. But then he granted us with a huge smile and continued to be entertained by these toys for almost 45 minutes. It's so fun to see him grow and learn. Each day he does something new!

Ephram will be 8 weeks old tomorrow. I cannot believe how fast time is flying by. He'll be crawling in no time, I'm sure of it.


Ephram + ToysEphram + ToysEphram | 8 Weeks