Tickling Means Smiling


I met Ron nearly three years ago. He's one of my co-workers at the "day" job. I remember meeting his wife, Mary and son, Dylan that following Winter when they came to visit Ron at work one evening. I remember that little boy (only about 1.5 years old then) and how much it made me want my own little boy. Three years later, I do now have my own little boy and Mary and Ron have added a little girl to their family, Danielle! She's over 3 months old now. Remember Danielle as a newborn? Well, seeing their sweet girl again is of course making me want my own! :) Maybe someday. Ephram keeps me occupied fairly well these days. Dylan was not all that into taking pictures this day. You know, a big four year old has places to go, things to see! So we tried to keep it short. And there was definitely a few tickles to get some smiles out of that little boy.

Mary and Ron, your little ones are adorable and I'm so glad I've gotten to watch your family grow!