A Photo Session at Home

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Did you know you can have a photo session at your home?  Often we think of pretty outdoor settings when we think of family photos, but there are actually several advantages to staying at home!  And with the Texas summer heat approaching, I wanted to take some time to talk about why home sessions can be great.

First of all, when you're a mom, leaving the house always takes longer than expected.  Getting everyone dressed, with shoes on, and gathering everything else you need to get out the door can oftentimes bring on tears or even tantrums from little ones.  Why not have me come to you instead?  Kids are often much more comfortable in their own settings anyways.

Now I know you are thinking your home is not pretty enough to be used for a photo session.  But the most important factor in a location for me is actually light!  If you have windows in your home, you have good light.  However, the time of day may be a key factor in getting the best light.  You don't want harsh or bright sunlight shining directly into your home, but you don't want it all dark either.  The best way I can describe nice, indirect light is when your home is filled with light but you don't see harsh shadows on the floor.  So when planning a photo session at your home, pay attention to what the light looks like at different times of the day, so you know what time will be best for you session to take place.

Less is more. Yes, I'm sure you'll worry about how clean your house will have to be for a photo session.  When it comes to photos, typically I will move distracting objects so they won't be in the image.  But this doesn't mean your house needs to be spotless.  I may just ask you to move a bit of clutter to the side, so it doesn't take the focus off of the kids.  I know how many toys kids have, I am not going to judge! ;)

Lastly, it's much easier to grab a few shots outside when we can jump right back in to cool off!

// Here's just a few favorites from a lovely at-home session