New Favorites


Get ready for an image dump.  Remember a few weeks back when I blogged about a sweet morning Ephram and I had together after my overnight shift?  Well as tired as I was, I was also going crazy with my camera.  I think it was the gorgeous morning light.  It always does it to me.  It's what makes me a morning person, even if said morning is after an overnight shift and it feels more like bedtime than breakfast time. Anyways, these are more photos from that morning I had to stay up after my overnight shift - something I rarely have to do anymore, but once in awhile it's really not that bad.  And actually I'll be doing it again next Wednesday!

First on our list of activities was to head downtown and get coffee (definitely was in need of some caffiene) and take a look at the river.  Those activities were more for mom than Ephram, but he enjoys them too.  Then we headed through the old neighborhoods near Carleton and stopped by one of our nearby parks. I don't know what it was about that morning, but I got a little camera happy. Probably something to do with the gorgeous morning light + sleep deprivation + caffeine high. Anyways, I ended up taking a ton of photos and I think just about everyone of them is a new favorite.