The Sweetest Thing


It's been 11 months since my Ephram was born and somehow I already have forgotten some of the sweetest things about newborns. Since some of you may also have forgotten, I'll help you jog your memory. Let me start with that smell. That newborn smell that all of the most adorable babies (which is all of them) have during those first few weeks it's one of my absolute favorites. You can smell it on your clothes after snuggling them, on the blankets they've laid in, and all around the house. It's a smell of newness. I think it's quite amazing how someone so small can have their own smell even at such a young age.

And this little 13 day old girl definitely held on to her sweet newborn smell.

Sleeping newborn in basket at home in Northfield MinnesotaBaby girl wrapped in striped blanket at home in southern Minnesota for newborn portraits

And how could I forget those sweet baby sighs, the stretches, the teeny toes and fingers...

Newborn girl in basket and her little feet, lying in a basket for newborn portraits in Twin Cities metro area

My baby fever may have rose just a bit after visiting her this week. Can you blame me? Holding a newborn is just the sweetest thing.