Thankful Thursday No. 01

Tis the month of Thanksgiving, but I'm not much of a fan of holidays that are only celebrated on a single day - they should last all month so we can really get in the spirit. Also, while we are on the topic, I'd very much appreciate it if Christmas spread itself out in the Winter months. Two holidays in barely more than a month's time? I'm not a fan. No, Christmas should be celebrated around January 25th, in my humble opinion. That way we could keep the Christmas decorations up for much longer than just a month. What do you think? Okay, enough of my rant. Thursdays in November will be dedicated to reasons to be thankful. Big or small. Anything. Would you join me?

+ Today I’m thankful for a little boy who says “choo choo” everytime he hears a train. Both yesterday and today Ephram heard me getting ready for work and decided it was time for him to get up as well, at the oh-so-reasonable time of 4:45am... not. Someday I suppose we’ll be able to let him get up, give him a sippy cup, and have him watch cartoons in the morning while we get ready for work, but right now, it just wouldn’t work. So this morning, I retrieved his nuk from the floor, laid him back down and crossed my fingers tight that he’d allow Beau a few more minutes of sleep after I left for work. Luckily he was fairly quiet in the remaining minutes I was home, but then a train came along, followed by a sweet little boy voice saying, “choo choo” from in his crib. And I just couldn’t be annoyed any longer. I am so thankful for a healthy little boy, even if he wakes up very early in the morning.

Last Halloween photos, I SWEAR!

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