Thankful Thursday No. 2

I'm back for another Thankful Thursday post. What are you thankful for today?

+ Today, I'm thankful for a energetic little boy running around in footie pajamas. One day I realize I won't have a boy in those adorable jammies, trying to play with every toy in sight before I take him off to bed. But that day is not today. And for that, I'm thankful.

+ Today, I'm thankful for sippy cups. Even though they get left everywhere and sometimes get smelly with old milk still in them, I'm not sure there is a cuter sight than watching a little boy tip a sippy cup back and relax on the couch.

+ Today, I’m thankful for the job I have. I was seven years old (at least) when I decided I was going to be a meteorologist and here I am, 26 years old, forecasting the weather. Though sometimes I worry my job may not be there for me forever, I enjoy what I do, enough so, that it keeps me content most of the time. It doesn’t stress me out too much and I’m able to leave work at work when I come home each day and focus on my family. The rotating shifts do take a toll on my body, my social life, & my family life from time to time, but it also allows for more time with Ephram than if I had a “normal” job, and for that, it’s golden right now.

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