Thankful Thursday No. 3

Wow, only a week until Thanksgiving? That just can't be possible, but according to my calendar, I'm just plain wrong.

+ Today, I'm thankful for not only cameras, and the ability to capture a memory in a photo, but digital cameras as well. Yesterday as I played with Ephram on the kitchen floor, he became so cuddly. He wanted to be close. He grabbed my feet and locked them in a circle around him. I immediately grabbed my camera to snap some photos of us together, which isn't nearly as easy as it sounds with the only lens in reach being my 50mm. So I held it up high above us to maximize the distance between us and the camera (you know, to get more than just my nose in the frame), not exactly the easiest thing to do in addition to capturing something in focus. But because of the digital format of my camera I was able to snap and snap, not worrying about how many photos it takes to get a few in focus. Not worrying about running out of film.

Is it evident yet that I'm obsessing over black + whites lately? ;-)

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