1001 days

I started this list a while ago actually, but never got around to really thinking of 101 things to do. But then I saw Elise’s 24 things project for her 24th year, and I loved it. But I like how with this list, I will have multiple seasons to accomplish the particular projects, as well as make more long term goals. So here it is. A list of 101 things I want to finish by the end of 2011 (wow, that seems like forever from now!)

Here are the rules: http://www.dayzeroproject.com/?view=gettingstarted

101 Things in 1001 Days - Round 1


Official start date: April 1, 2009 Official end date: December 28, 2011

1. Complete my collection of state quarters

2. Wear a dress/skirt at least 3 times a month in the summer months

3. Buy a ring for my right hand

4. Solder my engagement ring and wedding ring together

5. Make a snowman (despite my hatred for winter)

6. Read at least 5 books (0/4)

7. Learn to cook at least 3 new meals (0/3)

8. Bake a cake for Beau’s birthdays

9. Bake a pumpkin pie from scratch

10. Finish my Christmas shopping and have presents wrapped at least a week before Dec 25th each year (0/3)

11. Make a list of 101 simple pleasures in life

12. Collect 100 wine bottle corks

13. Learn some Spanish

14. Catch up on Brothers and Sisters using Netflix

15. Watching 5 movies (I haven’t already seen) from the top 250 movies on IMDB

16. Organize all my music on the Zune/Ipod. Keep it organized.

17. Attend a local choir concert (at one of the colleges preferably)

18. Make a soundtrack of songs that remind of me of certain years growing up

19. Learn more about the Libertarian Party

20. Color an entire coloring book

21. Send a postcard on www.postcrossing.com

22. Buy a blu-ray player

23. Learn a card trick

24. Buy a car with cruise control

Photography/Design Projects

25. Take a self portrait every day for a month

26. Buy a remote cord for the D90 and take more self portraits with it

27. Buy a wide angle lens for my Nikon D90

28. Take pictures of as many completed tasks on this list as I can and blog them

29. Scan in all of mom's family pictures to disk

30. Organize the folders that store my digital photos on my computer

31. Organize photos in Lightroom and weed out bad pictures

32. Back up my photos on the external hard drive.

33. Do a photo scavenger hunt.

34. Buy a canvas print to hang in the house somewhere

35. Attend a photography workshop

36. Go on a photo shoot location scouting adventure.

37. Update/create the Photography website

38. Be hired as a photographer for a photo shoot

39. Get business cards (or moo cards)

40. Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator better

41. Photograph the northern lights

42. Log all storm chases on our storm chasing webpage

43. Sell something on Etsy

44. Sell an order of 25 invitations from my donya+design website

45. Make a Christmas/December journal book like Ali Edwards/Molly Irwin


46. Go for a walk around the neighborhood 2 times a week for a month

47. Get a gym membership or buy a treadmill for the winter months

48. Run at least 4 times a week for 2 months

49. Take my vitamins every day. (0/1001)

50. Lotion my legs everyday for 2 weeks

51. Drink only water for 2 weeks (no lemonade!)

52. Floss teeth everyday for a month

53. Regain the ability to do the splits


54. Build up a 6 month emergency fund in savings

55. Invest in a stock.

56. Overpay my monthly school loan bill by at least $25 for 12 month (0/12)

57. Create a will

58. Create a food budget (groceries, eating out)


59. Make a household notebook with pictures and serial numbers (including pictures compared before and after)

60. Decorate the basement living area

61. Decorate guest room/future baby room

62. Decorate Beau’s office

63. Organize my office

64. Paint the dresser and night stands in the bedroom

65. Purchase a new silverware set

66. Purchase a few toys for my nieces and nephews to play with when they visit

67. Buy a mirror for the entry way

68. Paint the trim on outside of the house

69. Plant trees in the yard

70. Expand the vegetable garden

71. Grow pumpkins for Halloween

72. Carve pumpkins for Halloween

73. Set up the above ground fire pit in the backyard

Friends and Family

74. Host a holiday family get together at our home

75. Host a game night with family or friends

76. Have a get bonfire with friends and coworkers

77. Write a thank you note for every gift I receive

78. Write a letter to my Grandpa Chuck at least every other month

79. Send a birthday card to everyone in my family for a year

80. Have a baby

81. Send Christmas cards out

82. Take snapshot/portraits of each family member and make a collage or family tree

Travel and Adventure

83. Learn to identify ten constellations. (0/10)

84. Go to the planetarium

85. Go to a professional football game (Vikings!)

86. Go Geocaching.

87. Chase a storm (hopefully a tornado) in Texas again

88. Visit the north shore again

89. Go camping at the Brule river again

90. Go snorkeling in the ocean

91. Visit Banff

92. Visit Glacier National Park

93. Visit my grandparents in St. Pete, Florida again

94. Swim in the pouring rain

95. Kayak to Lake 27 if the drought ever ends up at the cabin

96. Go to a wine-tasting event

97. Try sushi

98. Go to a restaurant in downtown Minneapolis with Beau

99. Complete at corn maze

100.Go to an apple orchard and take fall pictures of Beau and I

101.Create another 101 in 1001 list to start at the beginning of 2012.

I'll be tracking my progress here.