101 in 1001 - an update

101logo2 Well, I've had somewhat of a slow start to my list, and especially behind on documenting my accomplished goals.  So here is a wrap up of what I crossed off during 2009.  I also made a few changes to some goals, which may be cheating, but I think your goals should grow as  you go through life, so cheating is allowed in my book. 

(the remainder of ) 2009:

#10 Finished my Christmas shopping very early.

#20 Watched 3 Star Trek movies.

#22 Bought a blu-ray player.

#24 Bought a car with cruise control.

#37 Created a website for my photography business. 

#38 Was hired as a professional photographer. 

#39 Created business cards for myself. 

#81 Sent out Christmas cards to family and friends. 

#60 Started on a playroom for our baby. 

#74 Hosted a family holiday get together. 

#85 Attended a Vikings game. 

#88 Visited the North Shore

I think I did a pretty good job actually and 2010 will bring many more accomplishments, I'm sure.  Hopefully I'll do a better job of actually documenting it!