#30, #31, and #32... check!

mini101thingslogo Lightroom Organized

I had separated each of these tasks on my 101 things list because I really didn't think I'd accomplish them all at the same time.  But here is proof.  The folder shows that I have all my pictures sorted by year > month > date (with the help of now importing all new photos through Lightroom).  And in Lightroom, you can see I've imported the pictures and they are all stored by date.  I worked a bit on sorting the tags for my pictures in Lightroom as well, but I am not quite sure the best way to do this yet, so it's a work in progress.

And the moment I step away from my computer, I'll be pushing the button to back up all the pictures on my external hard drive.  Yay!

Also, you may be wondering why I didn't check off #87 after my spontaneous trip last week.  Sure, we did travel to Oklahoma, and sure we did see a storm, but since I still have 2 years, 4 months, 14 days left to complete the list, I am hoping I'll actually be able to catch a better storm in that time. And maybe be a bit more awake for it.