a very long, long week

I didn't intend to step away from the blog nine days ago and not come back for nine days, but it's been a long week.  Longer than you can imagine.  I am not even quite sure it's only been nine days.  Don't worry, nothing terribly bad happened, just a lot of stuff.

.work (overnights) .dinner with grandparents .spontaneous storm chase trip to Oklahoma and back within around 27 hours .back to work (mornings) .sleeping .sleeping, sleeping, and more sleeping (bc trying to convert from overnights to mornings can be hard enough without adding a random trip to Oklahoma without much sleep, or any at all) .Easter/Game Night with Beau's family .cleaning a house that hasn't been attended to in far too long during all these events

Forgotten SignNo Longer SomewhereNo Longer In Service

But, I'm back. I finally am caught up on sleep, feeling well again (felt a little sick after that trip to OK), and can rest without feeling horrible now that the house is mostly clean.

Above are a few pictures I took while we were hanging out at an abandoned gas station on an Indian Reservation in northeastern Oklahoma.  The storms just weren't developing as we'd wanted at that point, nor did they ever really, and we were patiently waiting.  Below you can see Beau and Shawn discussing the craptastic storms.


Well, that's all I have to share with you currently.  I will be posting pictures of the nieces and nephews searching and coloring eggs on Easter soon.