catching up...

What a busy few weeks!  They've gone by incredibly fast.

Two weekends ago, we had a family game night at our home.  But earlier that day I had the chance to take my two neices to the park to take pictures.  Sunny in the morning, and then a front came through bringing cooler weather and clouds.

Here are a few of Shania:

little thinker




Such a sweetie.  Laughs at the most random of times, but that's alright.  I think Beau thinks the same about me sometimes too.

And here are a few of Adeline, later in the day:




The last one I was figuring out how to use Lightroom and some presets. Just playing around but I love how it turned out. And after playing with Lightroom for a week or so now, I can't believe how long I'd gone without it! Just amazing...

That's all for now, as far as pictures. I'll post some of the trip to Florida in the next couple days. Just getting back into the groove/routine of being home. And I really wish it wasn't Winter still. Being locked up inside all the time, just wanting to fun free outside like I could in Florida is torture!!