Five on Friday

1. Halloween is coming up soon! We already have a costume for Ephram (thanks to a great coworker) and he has his own pumpkin as well (thanks to awesome uncle and soon to be aunt, Blake and Tanya). He'll be a pumpkin, which is quite fitting for my 95 percentile, chubby little man. What are your children dressing up as this Halloween? 2. Are you as ready for Christmas as I am? I know, Halloween isn't even here yet. But for some reason, just like Summer, I am really ready to swap out the autumn leaves for evergreens. I'm ready for Christmas music and decorations and I'm already getting a few gifts ready (so excited for the little gifts I'm making for my awesome clients this year). And though the snow and cold that typically come with Christmases in Minnesota, I'm actually looking forward to the first snow in which we can use our new snow blower!

3. I convinced my sister in law to start a blog! Starting a blog is always tough, so head over there and give her some blog love.

4. Since a few (non-professional photography) friends have been getting Photoshop Elements recently, I'm contemplating how best to help them learn how to use this awesome tool, and I'm thinking of posting a few simple 'photo-fix' tutorials on here. If you are interested, what quick photo fixes would you like to see shown on the blog?

5. And since it's been a busy week (and my poor, lonely camera has seen a lot of the inside of his bag), I leave you with a photo that is not mine. It is however, a photograph by someone I truly admire: Mary Swenson. She is in the midst of creating a new website to showcase her photography and it should be ready on November 1st. Go check it out for sure.


photo credit: Mary Swenson