Five on Friday (Happy Halloween!)

1. If I were to buy my most favorite toys for ephram this christmas, they would be these puzzles from the land of nod. I'm am in love with them. Aren't they just the most brilliant thing you've ever seen?I actually really think this fraction puzzle would have been of great use to me when I was learning math in elementary school. 2. Speaking of math, my dad and step mom are opening up a branch of Mathnasium. Go check it out. They make math fun! Their location is in Woodbury, MN. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

3. I realized this week that Ephram is definitely growing up faster than I'm ready to admit. I'm sad that he's growing out of this clothes (mostly in the tummy section, not the arms and legs), I'm frustrated with figuring out how much real food he needs compared to just giving him as much milk/formula as he wants when he was a baby, I'm losing patience with him when he gets frustrated over and over about getting on to his tummy and not being able to crawl and get anywhere. But at the same time, it's amazing. On Monday, I held his hands while he stood and while he usually loves to bounce or "jump" in this position, this time he took a few steps. It was nothing short of amazing to witness his concentration as he took those steps.

4. If I don't stop snacking on these Pumpkin Spice Kisses, I won't have any left over to make these cookies! Don't get too excited, I usually lose my motivation to bake the moment I step into the kitchen. (It's a very good thing that I have a husband who cooks for me. It's fair since I do the dishes and love to clean up.)

5. This article by the Baby Name Wizard absolutely explains my random obsession with name picking. I have been picking out original baby names for my future children since about 7th grade.