Five on Friday

1. Well the flood water have retreated from most of the affected areas of Northfield, though many businesses and homes are still picking up the mess. In the next week or two I really want to take some flood vs non-flood photos to really show how Northfield looks when not underwater. Though the water level was dropping, there was still some excitement downtown this week. Large carp live in the river and had become trapped on the wrong side of the river walls. Here is a video of the carp being "rescued" on the Locally Grown Northfield website. 2. One last thing about the flood. The Northfield Historical Society shared amazing pictures from past floods and droughts of the Cannon River in Northfield. Just amazing to see the changes of one river overtime, especially after the recent flooding.

3. I've developed a love for birth photography and these images captured by Michele just tug at my heart. This is something I'd absolutely love to offer in the future, but right now, with our work schedules and young family, it's just not an option. It's good to have something to look forward to doing someday down the road though.

4. The leaves are changing before our eyes in Minnesota, which is a little bittersweet. The city is gorgeous, but I am definitely still saddened when I think of the white world we'll begin living in come this Winter. For now, the weather has been pretty great and we've gone on walks nearly everyday this week (our work schedules were actually fairly great this week as well, allowing for said morning walks). Ephram more and more wants to explore the world and not sit and play in our living room. This both excites me and scares me since I love going outside for walks, but come Winter, it won't be as much of an option. We braved the cold often last Winter to go on walks downtown together, though this year I'm not sure we'll have the heart to make Ephram sit in the cold in his stroller. Hopefully he gets some great new toys from the grandparents for Christmas (*wink wink*) to hold him through the chilly months.

5. By the way, Happy October! What is your October Wish? I'll give you three guesses what mine is :)