kitty sitting

Last week, my friend Shanna went on vacation to wonderful California (I'll admit to being jealous!).  While she was away, I gave her kitty, Gabby, some company.  She was a little nervous to have me around, but I got some cute shots of her eating her food at least.

I love cats.  I don't know how someone could not enjoy the company of cats.  They have their moments, but overall they have such unique personalities.  I love to see how my own cats react to meeting new people.  My friend Jared visited this past weekend, and all three of my cats took to him differently.  Pacey, is overall pretty social.  But he still kept his distance.  Maebree, who hates Beau and loves me, actually cuddled with Jared one night.  And then there is Rayliegh... Ray Ray is the shyest little kitty in the whole world.  He was completely scared of our new house for at least 2 months.  And when new people are around, or unusually loud noises are present, he runs and hides.

So Gabby, don't worry, I won't take offense to your shyness. :)