storm chase - march 23

Just updated our storm chase page with a chase log for yesterday's adventure.  We had our friend from SCSU with us, Jared.  Three co-workers of ours, Ron, Kris, and Scott came along as well, and Ron even brought his 2 year old son, Dylan.  It was a lot of fun.  I just wished we'd been able to see more.

The Omaha National Weather Service actually just updated their storm survey page and have concluded that a tornado likely occured just west of where we were as we passed through eastern Omaha into the town of Missouri Valley.  Beau is checking out his video as I type to see if we possibly caught anything while we were scrambling to get east.

Reports page in case you are interested.

But, I did get some great pictures of little Dylan.  The youngest storm chaser I've ever chased with at least.