ten on tuesday

1. Well this morning was interesting, to say the least. Before this morning I could say that I never had slept through my alarm. I no longer can hold that title though. Beau woke up at 5:50 realizing I should have already left for work. Without showering or even brushing my teeth, I was out the door - with both sets of car keys... Beau realized at 6:30 that I had taken both keys and he had no way of getting to work. Luckily, we have a lot of family nearby and he was able to borrow a car. But oh man, it was an interesting morning. 2. I'm so glad Spring has arrived and we've been able to get outside more with Ephram. However, being outside usually leads to us continually lecturing him on why we should not run into the middle of the street. Apparently a boring black road is much more appealing than fluffy green grass. And since Ephram seems to be growing into a very stubborn boy (no idea where he would have gotten that gene from - definitely not me. or his father.), us having to stop him from going into the road leads to a lot of crying tantrums, and we usually aren't outside for very long. Hopefully he grows out of this soon because Beau just completed a patio project in our back yard! I'll post more on that soon. (I posted a sneak peek on the blog yesterday)

2. Yesterday, Ephram had a check up with his cardiologist. For the grandparents and other family members reading this: there was a slight murmur near his bicuspid valve, but our fabulous Doctor Baker doesn't believe it's anything to worry about. His blood pressures were great in both his arm and leg, so he's very happy with the co-arctation repair as well. And get this, we don't have to go back for a year now! He's officially just on yearly visits to the cardiologist and will hopefully stay that way for the rest of his life.

3. While in the waiting room, we also saw one of Ephram's amazing surgeons, Dr. Moga. If you are local, keep an eye out for his commercial on tv. I will always hold a very special spot in my heart for all the doctors and nurses that took care of Ephram those first two weeks of life. They continue to be amazing these days and we are always happy to visit, as long as they say everything is looking good. Even if it means driving through the crazy streets of Minneapolis to get to them.

4. I'm sure I've posted about Pinterest before, but I just have to say again how awesome it is. I literally could get stuck searching through all the images on that site for hours (and may have recently), because I'm such a sucker for feeling inspired. I used to tear out pages from Pottery Barn magazines and paste them into a notebook years ago, dreaming of when I'd own a home. Pinterest is the same idea, only digital. And they make it incredibly easy to save any image you see on the web into your "notebook".

5. Particularly inspiring for me is my collection of DIY Project Ideas I've collected on Pinterest. If I ever find myself with extra time, I immediately search through those images to see if I could try any of them out myself. This past weekend I stumbled upon a DIY wall art piece made from toilet paper rolls and I plan on recreating something similar in our bedroom. Now, if only I could remember to not throw away the empty toilet paper rolls!

6. Beau and I recently found ourselves with a week of PTO in July that will now be spent on a road trip to the Bad Lands of South Dakota with Beau's sister's family. 4 adults, 2 kids, and one Ephram. It should be loads of fun - if you can call anything in South Dakota fun.

7. For months now, I've been on the search for a new purse. I'm not one of those women who change out purses regularly, but I needed something new. Especially since my current purse had developed holes. Yes, holes. The problem with finding a replacement was that I rarely have time to go to the store and look, and the only store I'd consider buying a purse from locally is Target (and their selection has sucked lately). So I decided I'd have to take Ephram with me to a store outside of Northfield. The other problem is that I'm picky. That was probably the bigger problem actually. But my mother will be happy to know that I finally replaced my hole-y purse of 3+ years. Yes, 3+ years.

8. To top off my new purse purchase, I was also in need of a new camera bag. I wanted something that looked like a purse, but was safe enough for my DSLR. There are a few companies I know off that make purse-like camera bags, but I'm picky (read #7) and I'm cheap. Thanks (again) to Pinterest, I found this etsy site that makes padded inserts for purses! Yep, it's a done deal, I'm ordering this week.

9. This week is somewhat exciting for me. I had yesterday off and for the remainder of the week I work morning shifts. As a result, we'll have a every evening together as a family. Normal for some families, but exciting and rare for this one.

10. Inspired by #8, I put together a dinner meal plan for the rest of the week and to keep me accountable, here it is: M- I made Chicken & Basil Stir Fry (it was awesome and even Beau liked it!), T-Pizza (a multitude of things (read #1) has lead me to believe that tonight is the night for an easy dinner), Wed- Some type of grilled shrimp recipe, Th- Twice Baked Salmon Potatoes F- Probably leftovers.