wonderful april

So much has changed for the good in the past year.   Looking back at last April, I was continually busy with a wedding and new home on the horizon.


last April i was:

living in 3 different homes (seriously) waiting for Beau to graduate college trying to survive living at my dad's house sleeping in one bedroom, with two cats visiting the new home painting and painting and painting having a bridal shower with family (exactly 1 year ago I believe) tasting cakes for the wedding telling beau how excited I was to marry him (and get it over with) having my mom alter my dress buying our wedding rings from amazon.com wishing I had enough money to have a professional photo for the wedding hoping Beau would be hired full time at work dreading looking at the newest GFS and seeing snow on for the wedding date freaking out about having to change my last name working mostly overnight shifts glad the the sunrise was becoming earlier and earlier happy the sun was setting later dreaming of having everything moved into the new home making diagrams of the house picking out color after color for the walls drooling over everything in the pottery barn magazines taking multiple trips to the home depot/menards checking our registry on target.com (I know it's cheating, but i hate surprises) excited about spring energized about summer eager to decorate the inside of our home thrilled about living with beau

This april, I'm very much hoping it will warm up.  We received a sloppy 1-2" of snow last night and even though it will melt fast today, it would be so much nicer if it weren't snowing at all.  I want to wear shorts and skirts, and lay out on the deck and tan, and go for jogs outside, walk around the neighborhood.  But on the bright side, the birds are back, and I love hearing them sing in the morning.  And I saw our bunny rabbit digging his little nest/hole yesterday morning.


Spring will come, soon, and it will be great.