Photography Cross Training

We all know there are a oodles of photographers out there to choose from.  But the beauty of that is, you get to choose someone whose style you love 100%.  

Photographers create their very best work shooting in their natural style.  I'm particularly drawn to images that capture interaction and connection, love and emotion, that demonstrate the bond between families, so if someone hired me to create glamorous, lace-filled styled images for them, we'd probably both end up very frustrated.  

So what's up with these images then?  

Well, just because flowing gowns and flowery halos aren't my typical photography style, doesn't mean it isn't fun to experiment with something else.  Last weekend I was chosen to attend a photographer shoot out with the fabulous Amber of ALB Photography and thoroughly enjoyed what I will cleverly put it as Photography Cross-Training - working a different set of artistic muscles.  

But seriously, these dresses!

And these incredibly beautiful ladies!  

And that gorgeous evening light!  

*all the heart eyes*

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