Five on Friday


1. Need a creative kickstart? Love this list by Catherine. Looking through my recently downloaded photos almost always sparks something new for me.

2. After reading this, I'm definitely digging out all those lotions I've received and finally using them.

3. How much easier would grocery store runs have been if I'd known about these a couple of years ago?

4. Beau and I finally made time to watch Boyhood last weekend. I had heard it was great, but hadn't really heard why. I thought it was mostly to do with the fact that it took 12 years to film, which is fun to watch as well. But what I loved most about this movie can be best summed up by this quote:

"the movie's overwhelming power and poignancy comes from the knowledge that a person’s time on the planet will most certainly end, and that our only real task is to live in those moments, in the inconsequential in-betweeness, that makes up the arc of our journey." -Rustin Thompson

5. My friend Jess Forster is launching a brand new podcast this week called Pocket Talk and I'm honored to be a guest for Episode 1!

Happy Friday!

Friday LinksDonyaJan 2015