10 Years Together

Throwback to 2007

february 2007

10 years ago today, a super cute and totally smart guy took me out to Olive Garden for dinner.

Our first real date.

10 years of ups and downs later and we've graduated college, become parents, and moved across the country together.  I'm careful and planned out.  He's spontaneous and takes risks.  He motivates me to think big.  I keep him grounded.

He's my best friend.

Here's a look back at the past 10 years by the numbers.


This really makes me wish I had kept track of the amount of photos snapped, spontaneous road trips taken, & palm trees planted.

Thanks for the adventures Beau.  Cheers to 10 years since that Olive Garden date.  I love you.  & I'm beyond excited for the next decade with you. 

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