April Self Portrait : Drinking Coffee With Two Hands


At the beginning of the month, I came across the idea of drinking your coffee with two hands. It immediately became another goal for the month of April (& hopefully will continue). It didn't happen every day, but many days, after all mouths were fed breakfast, the kitchen was cleaned a bit, I'd pour a cup of coffee (likely my second at that point) and I'd sit and drink with two hands. Even if it only lasted two and a half minutes. That few moments of slowness is so good for the soul.

April has been fun. Great weather has allowed for numerous park visits, including 4 new ones. And the gardens are, so far, thriving. I haven't completely finished organizing my office, but that's alright. I think I'll have plenty of time for that, and numerous other indoor projects, once the Texas heat returns full force and we spend more time inside. In the meantime we're refreshing much of the front landscaping and enjoying any opportunity to sleep with the windows open.

May goals:

  • Finish a book.
  • Try a new craft out.
  • Take at least one morning walk/week with the boys.
  • Keep drinking coffee with two hands