Back to School

Following last year's tradition, here's a few things I don't want to forget about Ephram's first day of preschool (year two).I want to remember how much you talked about your old preschool after we moved.

I want to remember that when I showed you the shirt for your new school, you told me you liked the shirt from your old school, the one from when you were three, and then called it your 'Three-school'.

I want to remember your ability to talk about your nerves this year because you new it would be different and a little scary at first.


I want to remember how you didn't want to leave your Meet the Teacher and didn't quite understand that you'd be able to play with all the toys all school year long.

I want to remember how I prepared myself for you to resist me leaving you the first couple of weeks after our experience with preschool a year ago.

I want to remember how frustrated you were that I didn't have either of your favorite pairs of shorts clean for your first day.  (sorry!)


I want to remember that you surprised me by telling me that you wanted me to go home after I dropped you off and have a school bus come bring you home later.

I want to remember how you didn't even bother saying goodbye to me in your classroom because there was so much to do, and you knew I'd be back.

PersonalDonyaSep 2014