Currently in June...


Planningactivities to keep Ephram busy and Alwyn entertained this summer.  Finding activities they both can enjoy is proving difficult.

Cravingporcupine meatballs all the time (we make ours with enchilada sauce instead of diced tomatoes).  My favorite dinner these days.

Watching Orange is the New Black way too quickly. So good, but I should have spread the episodes out!

Anticipating Ephram's excitement when he realizes new episodes of The Magic School Bus are coming to Netflix.

Worrying Alwyn will scream the entire flight to Minnesota next week. I swear we're entering the terrible twos a wee bit early with him.

Wanting to send this card to every new mom I meet lately.

Loving Kal's new art shop and this post she wrote about having unique and unusual names.

Visualizing something for Beau to build in our mudroom/laundry room. Definitely with hooks like in our last house.

Selecting photos from a camping trip in 2010 and finally putting the adorable Project Life Great Outdoors Themed Kit to use.

Adding this paintbrush to my wish-list, immediately after receiving a new watercolor set I won't be sharing with the little hands around me.

Laughing out loud at this list of toddler words.

Embracing our third summer in Texas.

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