Currently: September


Around here we're enjoying the fall migration of hummingbirds.  I love this time of year and while we aren't getting to see quite as many as we did in our old backyard, we're having some pretty cool experiences in our new one.  (more photos on Instagram)

Around here Ephram is enjoying school. And Alwyn is asking, "Ephum? Schoo?" every 10 minutes while he's gone just to double check where his brother is.

Around here I'm enjoying putting together Ephram's school lunches more than I expected to.

Around here we're keeping our fingers crossed for a nice cold front to hit and allow us to do some yard work without sweating to death.

Around here, we're anxiously awaiting Apple's release of the iPhone 6 and OS X (the beta is driving me crazy!).

Around here my mom is visiting and I'm enjoying every single minute.

Around here we're planning an unexpected trip back to MN before the end of the year.

Around here I'm figuring out how to create the Halloween costume Ephram requested and I'm so thankful for Pinterest!

Around here we're shaking it off every day.

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