February Self Portrait : A Fresh Coat

I am so in love with our new house, but my goodness, it has needed some fixing up.  Mostly simple stuff, with a few larger projects here and there.  The boys' rooms were some of the bigger projects and we're happily finished with the new flooring and trim.  Just a few more finishing touches and they should be done. One of the other main projects we've tackled this month has been painting.  Just about everything in the house, except the kitchen, is in need of a fresh coat of paint.  I actually love the color the previous owners used in the kitchen, so we went with it for the rest of the first floor as well and may even extend it into our bedroom upstairs as well.

We're replacing a very light blue-gray, which has done a terrible job of showcasing the gorgeous white trim and crown moulding in the living room. & I can't wait to hang frames up now too.

But enough about the house.  My February goals weren't quite achieved, but I put in a good attempt.  It's still been rather cold and/or gloomy outside (though I'll take it over the weather people have been dealing with elsewhere!) so we haven't taken a ton of walks around the neighborhood (we've been a bit busy updating the inside anyways), and I barely made a dent in the book I started.  But I have been attempting to play more on the floor with the boys between house projects.

March is going to be a good month.


March Goals:

  • Hang up more photos in the house
  • Spend time outside every day (or most days)
  • Celebrate Ephram turning 4 & Beau turning 29
  • To finish the major painting projects in the house
  • Enjoy time with family visiting from Minnesota
  • Go to the rodeo!