Lately... In Our Backyard


Our backyard was a huge reason we chose the house we did when we moved and we've been thoroughly enjoying and modifying it this Spring.

Sipping wine and warming by the fire while the boys run, play, fight, dig, and play some more.

Watering and more watering.

Teaching little hands not to pull on every flower they come across.

Planting as many as 15 new trees (4 bottle brush, 3 loblolly pine, 4 fruit, and a few others, including a rare Mule Palm that is Beau's new 3rd child).

Hauling home a quite large Mexican Fan Palm purchased for only $35 (!) in a tiny Ford Focus.

Monitoring every flowering fruit and veggie plant closely in the garden.  I'm so excited to eat from our own backyard again.

Building a quick raised bed for rare plants Beau discovered.  Yes, he's obsessed.

Watering even more, with the help of little boys.

Slapping mosquitoes, even when they're just imaginary.

Swinging as high as we can.

Struggling with taking turns.

Dreaming of a new swing set to hopefully build later this year.

Adding a cute herb garden.

Searching for ways to use the odd variety of herbs Beau found, like Pineapple Sage.

Pulling weeds and letting my mind drift to anything it wants to while doing so.

Sitting in the shade of the patio while the boys play in the sprinkler.

spotting/photographing as many anoles as we can. Because, why not, right?

Feeling renewed and more "at home" than I have in the past 2.5 years. A very good thing.


In other news, May is National Photography Month!  Becky Higgins is hosting a weekly photo challenge on her blog this month with excellent prizes. Check it out!