March Self Portrait : Getting into Gardening

I guess you could stay it's been a very slow process, me coming to like gardening. Over the nearly nine years I've lived with Beau, he's always been far more into plants than me. I've even joked on many occasions that he would appreciate a bouquet of flowers more than I would. I've always enjoyed the look of the plants he's purchased, including the hibiscuses he cared for in our college apartment. I remember even giving one plant we had a name, but that was about as far as I came to really caring for them. We moved to our first home shortly after college, and the summer before we moved to Texas, Beau built a nice garden/patio in our backyard. He begged for me to come up with a design. I think I helped a little, but mostly I just contributed a few yays/nays to his plans. But I loved the outcome! My appreciation was growing, that's for sure.

Then we moved to Texas. Over the past two years and two different yards, we've gardened a ton.  Mostly Beau picks the plants and I weed the garden beds when needed.  Something about our current yard really has me excited though. It's so established, yet there is so much room to grow. Once again Beau was begging me to come up with a design for a garden.  And one evening last week, when the light was coming through the trees in the most perfect way, I had a vision.  It sounds silly, but I wasn't even brainstorming in my head about it.  It just came to me.  A garden design that would create a perfect backdrop in our backyard.  We spend the rest of the weekend creating it (which meant hauling around 60 bags of dirt and gravel - a good workout).

I'm really starting to understand the joy that comes with gardening. How embarrassing that it's taken me so many years to discover this since I grew up surrounded gardeners - my mom, dad, & step-mom.  Just add this to the long list of things I wish I would have appreciated as a child.


Anyways, March has been fabulous.

Here's how I intend to make April great:

  • Fill the walls in the boys' rooms.
  • Visit 3 new parks with Ephram & Alwyn.
  • Keep the gardens alive.
  • Organize & purge stuff in my office.
  • Slow down on the house projects and simply enjoy.