May Self Portrait: Bikini Body Mommy

May went super fast. It seems even without much planned, the weeks and days filled up quickly. From the neighborhood pool opening, an A/C fix, a visit from our old neighbors, to my in-laws visiting this past weekend. As for my May goals, while I didn't finish the book I'm reading (I keep falling asleep!), I did try out a wood-burning kit and am hoping to make a wall decoration for Alwyn's room with it soon. I definitely didn't get out for morning walks with the boys as much as I'd like, but instead I found the Bikini Body Mommy and began following her workouts. I know it sounds silly, but it gets me moving and that's what counts, right? I fell off the workout bandwagon about a year ago when Alwyn became more mobile, so it's an extremely nice to be moving again and feeling stronger.  The workouts are not crazy intense, nor very long, which seems to be what I need right now to get me moving.  I missed a few this past weekend with family in town but am hoping to keep going!


June is the start of summer. I'm anxious to find out what surprises lie ahead in June. We have a trip to Minnesota planned, not much else, but I'm sure it will fill up fast.  Since I'm not sure what we'll be busy with exactly, my monthly goals are directed more at my attitude and staying positive.  We'll see how it goes.

June goals:

  • Successfully take two children on a plane. & by successful, I mean without either of them screaming.
  • Embrace Ephram's silliness.
  • Try to complain less to Beau.
  • Keep moving. Workouts or walks. Whatever.