Home In Progress


At just 81 days since move in, we've officially painted the walls and trim of every room in the house except the kitchen and bathrooms (and tiny laundry/mud room). Phew! It's been slightly exhausting, but a good exhausting. There is so much reward found in making a space better. Having plans and dreams for what you want a space to look like.

Yesterday I posted about how I feel like I have a ton of projects going on that are 90% finished. We've been so busy painting (much needed in this house), I haven't had time to add final touches to the boys' rooms. One whole wall in our bedroom is bookshelves that I'd like to fill but for now they sit somewhat bare. And my computer desk is currently sitting in the living room surrounded by toys while we finish up painting the office.

Then yesterday afternoon I read Elsie's article on A Beautiful Mess about having a space to learn. It rang so true in my head. My house is always going to be a place of change. I may "finish" one room, but I'm always adjusting and learning my style. My taste. Even with Alwyn's nursery, there were so many things I wanted to add/change to it, but never got around to it before we realized we were moving. His new room is a whole new style, new lighting, not to mention he's transforming from a baby to a little boy.

While I know my home will be in a constant state of change, I want to feel less like it's incomplete. It doesn't have to be perfect to be enjoyed. The whole point of moving from a home built in 2013 to a home built in the 1970s was to have projects to work on and enjoy working on for years to come.

"Our home isn't perfect, but it is our dream home."

- Elsie, A Beautiful Mess

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