Alwyn : 12 Months

The birthday boy! A few things about Alwyn now:

- Sleeping... of course it's still awful. I'm afraid this poor boy has inherited his father's sleeping habits and is always tired but has a hard time sleeping. Still hoping he'll grow out of it. One particular night this month he slept 10 straight hours and it was a big deal.

- Naps... the good news is that he continues to nap well. A few days I've pushed him to have just one since we were out and about in the mornings, but generally he still takes two naps, 1-2 hours each.

- Eating... I swear he eats double what Ephram does daily. And I think he's chubbed up a bit in the past month too! His favorites are string cheese, meat, and bananas.

- Still loves to sing and dance, though it was happening a lot more at the beginning of the month. I recorded this sweet song one day.

- Explores the kitchen a lot these days. He likes to unload the dishwasher with me and rummage through a couple of drawers and the cabinet I keep the kid plates/cups/utensils in.

- His first words other than 'mama' are 'hi' and 'bye' and he does the cutest wave with each.

- Gets super excited when daddy comes home from work.

- Wants to draw (& will if I give him a crayon), but keeps putting the crayons in his mouth. But he does draw on a magnetic sketch pad.

- Follows his brother around a ton. If Ephram is napping and he's not, he loves crawling to his room to check on him, and usually wake him up.

- Would be content in my arms all day if I let him.

- Loves his blankie and will crawl to his crib to pull it out occasionally. He likes to play peek-a-boo with it and occasionally wear his around his neck like a towel.

- Has 8 teeth now and has showed signs of teething for the past two weeks.

- No walking yet, but is becoming more brave about standing up on his own.

He has really grown to love this chair and will crawl into Ephram's room and climb into it to look out the window frequently. I see a trip to Ikea to get him his own in our future. ;)


And the whole year together.