What do you get when you stick two silly boys in a small patch of Bluebonnets for 5 minutes?

I will admit that this is one Texas tradition that I’ve completely fallen for. I almost didn’t have the motivation to get the kids dressed yesterday morning (after a late night with Alwyn) and drive over for photos, but I knew I’d regret missing a year. And I’m so lucky we happened upon a great spot last weekend because I wasn’t about to drive 50 minutes back to last year’s spot.

I kept my expectations low since I knew neither of them would likely be in the mood to sit still and give me natural smiles. But I knew I’d at least come away with some beautiful flower shots. Luckily they surprised me with a few happy moments.



This kid and his eyes… my goodness.




Though most of the out takes did look like this.

Insert caption, anyone?



Local friends, if you’re looking for a great Bluebonnet location, check out Mercer Arboretum. Their bluebonnet area has narrow stone paths allowing access into the middle of them without stepping on them.

This is a great spot to take a walk with the kids too. My kids love the fish pond at the front, but there are many trails to walk through while gazing at all the beautiful flowers.


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  1. Kris

    These are lovely, Donya! :)

  2. Vanessa

    What a character! Lovely shots :)

  3. danielle

    Adorable! Love the silly faces :)

  4. Teresa @ wherelovemeetslife

    What awesome shots :) Don’t you love when they surprise you?? I am partial to those silly shots, myself. lol Speaks of the fun personalities they must have.