July Self-Portrait: He & I

I feel like Beau & I found a new groove in July. Beau goes to bed early and wakes up early for work. As a result, we only get about an hour or so of kid-free time after we put them to bed. The past few months we'd fallen into a routine of wasting time before bed by turning on Yard Crashers, sneaking in an ice cream sandwich, and giving our opinions on the good and bad of the backyard remodels we were watching. Wild & crazy, I know.

Recently we've changed that. We've been keeping the tv off, sipping a glass of wine (or still sneaking in that ice cream sandwich), and talking for our kid-less hour before bed. Talks that aren't possible during the day. Or when the tv is on some boring HGTV show. Good talks. Really good talks.

And on top of that, we finally made time for a date night last week. Dinner & a partner painting class at Merlot 2 Masterpiece. It's silly that it's taken us so long to get out, especially after having as much fun as we did. But it needs to happen more frequently. I'd forgotten how important this time by ourselves can be. How important our relationship is outside of being mom and dad to two loud little boys.

What I found hilarious on our date was when the painting teacher asked how long we'd been dating. And her surprised face when we both sort of laughed.

Almost 10 years.


Doing something a little different with my August goals:

  • A book I want to read: 1-2-3 Magic (thanks for the recommendation Tracy!)
  • A craft I want to do: Wooden mountain wall art idea I have for Ephram's room.
  • A skill I want to learn (or at least work on): An aerial cartwheel.
  • A food I want to eat more often: Sweet Potatoes.