June Self Portrait: Summertime


June was all about my trip to Minnesota with Ephram & Alwyn. Planning for it, packing for it, prepping my brain for it, and then recovering from it. It felt right to take my monthly self portrait there. Being in Minnesota made me unexpectedly giddy. We visited twice last year as a family and I don't think I felt this way at all. Maybe it was because Beau was there with me last year? I don't know. There was definitely something different about this visit and I still can't put my finger on it. Of course, I reminded myself that Minnesota is only that nice a few months out of the year. But I enjoyed the break from extreme heat and humidity.

June recap.

- I finally finished that book I started back in April. The Power of Habit was a super interesting and I'm now much more aware of the good and bad habits I have. I'm such a slow reader and do not discipline myself nearly enough to stop everything else and read (a habit I should probably adjust). So I purchased the physical copy of The Fault of Our Stars recently in hopes that I'll feel okay reading it when the boys are playing nicely and set a good example. When I read on my phone, I feel guilty that I'm setting a bad example. And admittedly, I am often distracted by notifications and emails while doing so.

- We fell into a new schedule last month after I committed to letting go of Alwyn's morning nap. It helps me enjoy the chaotic-ness of two little boys when we have some sort of a plan for the day. Instead of waiting until Alwyn's morning nap to shower (or waking up ridiculously early), I've been having him shower with me and has been super helpful. We are finally able to get out of the house most mornings instead of trying to squeeze an outing in between his morning nap and lunchtime. Now if only I could keep him awake until we get home from those morning outings.

- We/I survived the trip to Minnesota without Beau. I may have shed a few tears of pure exhaustion at the Minneapolis airport after Alwyn sprinted to the window from the opposite side of the terminal to see the planes, but we made it home safely and had a fantastic time visiting everyone.

July goals.

- Keep developing a loose schedule.

- Purge my closet. I probably don't need capris from 2001 anymore.

- Have Ephram help me send out a few letters + photos to family.

- Go swimming. July in Houston is hot!