November Self Portrait: A Cold Reminder

Winter was never my favorite season when I lived in Minnesota. I can remember feeling livid that my car fishtailed the first time I had to drive home from school in the snow.  Roughly 10 years later, I moved south.

We recently found out my dad has cancer and decided to make a trip up to Minnesota for Thanksgiving.  Our first trip to Minnesota during the winter in the three years since we moved to Texas.  The trip was fast and exhausting (aren't all trips with a 2 and 4 year old exhausting?), and my kids do not do well out of routine.  Nor do I.  I was super excited that they'd be able to see snow, but the cold weather wasn't fun for any of us Texas climate-adaptors.  In fact, it was an extremely good reminder of why we moved south.

Nonetheless, it was worth it.

Seeing Ephram & Alwyn laugh hysterically at their visible breathe, made it worth it.  Watching them run in the snow only to realize how cold and wet it would make them, made it worth it.  Remembering all those awful drives in the snow, made it worth it.  And having this photo of my dad, my grandpa, and me on Thanksgiving, made it worth it.