October Self Portrait: Bike Rides


Who needs a Fitbit when you've got a 2 year old obsessed with bike rides?! But seriously, we finally purchased bikes after debating their worth ever since we moved in January, and we've used them several times a week ever since. I'm hopeful it continues, and Alwyn is even more hopeful every bike ride leads to a pit stop at our favorite ice cream spot. Naturally, a bike ride instigated by a cranky 2 year old lead to a great opportunity to snap a selfie this month.

October was great (though busy and fast) and I'm excited to see what a hopefully slower November brings. I love this time of year.

2014 October Self Portrait of Monthly Series
2014 October Self Portrait of Monthly Series

November goals:

  • A book I want to read: Gone Girl (apparently I've been missing out)
  • A craft I want to do: Family handprint turkeys (idea from here)
  • A "skill" I want to work on: Slowing down.
  • An activity I want to do more often: Dancing to music with my boys.