September Self Portrait: Adjusting

September has been a month of adjustment. I wouldn't say it's been a struggle, but it's taken me all month to feel like I'm finding our new routine now that school has started. We also had a visit from my mom and five days without Beau when he took a trip to New York for work. Ephram especially has trouble after my mom leaves since he always misses her. And without Beau those five days, I definitely missed adult interaction by about 5pm every evening. We kept our summer pretty relaxed. A few visits to the pool, maybe a playdate or two, and one day at Little Gym each week. So having our schedule pick back up with activities has meant less time at home. And with less time at home comes the need to focus more during my free time. While reading just didn't happen this month, I did figure out how to lessen the amount of tabs I keep open on my computer and focus more on what I want to be doing, thanks to a plug-in for Chrome called StayFocused. And I was much better about fitting workouts back into my schedule, including several walks when we were blessed with cooler "fall" weather. We also recently bought a bike trailer for the boys so we can go on bike rides as a family!

My self portrait this month is one that I snapped while my mom and I were at the park with the boys one evening during her visit. It's a great example and reminder that self portraits do not need to be super well planned or set up. For this one I simply set my camera down on a flat part of the playground, turned on the timer, and let it snap a few.

September Self Portrait
September Self Portrait

October goals:

  • A book I want to read: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (at least 5 people have recommended Rainbow's books recently so I'm giving one a shot)
  • A craft I want to do: Any and all the Halloween crafts I'm finding on Pinterest
  • A "skill" I want to work on: Counting to 4 outloud when I'm angry in front of the boys. It's good for me and a great example to set for them.
  • An activity I want to do more often: Family bike rides!