Today, Say Yes.

More Yeses | Donya Luana

Social science research says that as a child, you heard the word “no” about 40,000 times by the age of five, before you even started first grade. And how many times had you heard the word “yes”? About 5,000. That’s eight times as many nos as yeses. Eight times the force holding you down, compared to the force lifting you up. Eight times the gravity against your desire to soar.

[ Jeff Olson, The Slight Edge ]

Today is for more yeses. As in, yes you can cut the strawberries all by yourself and create a big strawberry mess.

Because, how else will you learn?

How else will you feel lifted up and capable?

I hope this never leaves my mind.

Remember how uplifting the yeses are, in addition to those necessary nos.

Today, say yes.

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