Bluebonnet Adventures 2016

I thought we might miss them this year between our schedule and the weather, but after somewhat unanticipatedly deciding to sell our home and move to the country (I'll share more about this soon. Pinky promise.), we found ourselves with an entire Saturday needing to be away from the home for house showings and nothing on the agenda.  So a bluebonnet adventure it was.  


Ephram learned all about our state flower in Kindergarten this year, so he was super excited to visit a huge field of them.  And apparently, six years old is when the posing starts?  It is for Ephram at least. 


Strategy: "Ephram, run up to Alwyn and give him a big hug!" *click*


And just so you think my kiddos aren't super cooperative or something, here's a few that I took that weren't all sunshine and rainbows...but captures their relationship so well!

They can go from being worst enemies to best friends and back within seconds.  Typical brothers, of course! 


Did you get out to see the bluebonnets this spring?  I know it's such a silly tradition here in Texas, but I have to say I just love them.  At least, until I see a snake!

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