My Honorary Nieces

It honestly seems like a miscalculation when I state that we’ll have lived in Texas for 4 years come January 2016. But it’s true! We’ve gone nearly 4 years living 1000 miles away from our families, which is undeniably hard, but it also has made for some wonderful visits too. It’s sort of cool to be able to show our family a new city, state when they visit, especially when it gives them a break from the ice and snow of Minnesota. Just over a year ago, a former work friend moved down to Texas too. Thanks to Facebook and the internet, I had actually become good friends with his wife after only meeting her in person once. Periodic Facebook updates over the years had allowed me to watch their two daughters grow up, with a third on the way. They moved to a home just a few minutes away from us right after baby Callie was born and we’ve basically become family since then as, they too, now live a thousand miles away or more from their families.

Here's a peek at just a few photos of my three honorary nieces from our recent photo session.


Three fun facts:

1. This session took place the weekend of our first fall cold front bringing our temp down to 59 degrees, the coolest temp we'd felt since May 3rd! (Once a weather nerd, always a weather nerd!) I think I spent 99% of the weekend outside soaking it up. I hope you did too. So wonderful!

2. At each of my sessions you’ll find me asking my clients to follow some pretty silly requests in order to get those precious natural smiles. “Now shake your bum!” I say from behind the camera. Giggles follow and that’s the moment that I click the shutter. We dance and snuggle (well YOU snuggle), and I capture the bright and happy moments. I want you to walk away thinking, “Having our photos taken has never been so fun!"

3. I gifted that pink 'one' shirt to Callie for her first birthday recently. I made it the same way I made Ephram’s ‘five’ shirt (you can check out the tutorial here) and I’ve got a 'three' shirt in the works for Alwyn’s birthday coming up. I probably shouldn't tell you this, but a small part of me would totally rock a 'thirty' shirt myself. Who says kids at the only ones who get to celebrate their age?!