Finding Direction

As I posted on Instagram yesterday, I've been wandering in my head the past several weeks. Perhaps months. Trying to figure out my direction. And as a result, I spent the majority of Sunday clearing out four closets and ridding 10 bags of stuff from our house. #silverlining? It seems that at every turn I take, I find someone who already has a head start in that direction and I don't want to copy them or follow their path. I want to find my own path. I want to do something original.

But I also don't want to sit still.

So I've set out to keep moving. To keep trying out new paths and directions. Maybe I'll take a shortcut to another path mid-way. Perhaps I'll find a way to walk through the grass and start my own path. I don't know. But what I do know is that sitting still and doing nothing is the worst option.

Styled: Jones Market
Styled: Jones Market

So, I've started photographing things I love for fun. Pure fun. Like those blueberries last week. And these bracelets. Nothing is safe! I may start photographing junk on the way out to the garage soon. #hopefullynot

Anyways, hopefully this post will explain why I appear to be in a funk. A struggle.

I can't be the only one. What are you struggling with?