A big reason I wanted to go back and create an album for 2010 and document the beginning of Ephram’s life was due to his heart surgery.  Ephram had surgery to repair his aorta when he was just 6 days old.  It was a dramatic beginning and as he grows up and asks more questions, I’d really like to have a book with the photos to show him, rather than searching the computer for them every time.  

Additionally, Ephram was born in Minnesota, but we moved to Texas the beginning of 2012. This was also the year I began documenting with Project Life.  He knows we live in Texas, and he knows our extended family all lives in Minnesota, but he doesn’t completely understand that we lived in Minnesota at one time.  I hope this book will help explain it better for him.


This first spread features cards from the Kiwi Edition, Baby Edition, Jade Edition, & Sunshine Edition. Quite the variety, huh? I typically get super excited to *use* a new kit and since I had recently gotten my hands on many of them, I used a few cards from all of them.

For the Baby Edition and Sunshine Edition cards I started with the digital version of the card on my computer, slightly changed the color, & then printed them through Persnickety Prints on the Soft Texture Art Card Stock.


This was my first time using Design B page protector and I love how well it worked with the photos. The tricky part about using a different page protector design, for me at least, is that you have to use it for the following spread too. That’s usually where I get stuck.



This second spread includes cards from the Midnight Edition, Plus One Edition, Personal Yearbook Edition, Baby Edition, & Jade Edition.


It’s always fun to change it up, but my head works so well with Design A, so I went right back to what works best on the right side of this spread.


So thankful that Ephram’s heart has been doing just fine for the past 4 years. Our 2 week experience at the Minnesota Children’s Hospital opened my eyes to the awful things some children have to go through. We were extremely lucky that his surgery was, as one of our nurses told us, “the best heart surgery to have” because it was an easy fix. Sometimes I almost forget we ever went through it.

PROJECT LIFE® is a simplified memory keeping system created by BECKY HIGGINS. To see my previous posts, click HERE.  Have questions?  Leave a comment!

  1. Joyce

    These photos are so sweet, especially love your FIRST family photo.

  2. Anna

    Wow, what a beautiful story and precious pictures to go along with it. I did not know this-what a precious blessing Ephram is!!

  3. Jenny B.

    Hi Donya, I just discovered your blog today through Becky’s PL Creative Team post. The page of yours she featured was so moving, I just had to come find out if little Ephram was OK! I am so glad he is! :) You have a beautiful family and beautiful scrapbooks! Thank you for sharing!

    • Donya

      Aw, thanks for checking up on him! Yes, he’s doing very well – though he just fell out of his bed a few minutes ago! Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment too. :)