Project Life 2010 Update

Mar 3, 2014 in Document, Project Life, Project Life 2010 /

Today I’m sharing a glimpse at some of the pages in my 2010 album.  As you may remember, in addition to weekly documentation of our life in 2014 (using Project Life of course), I am also going back and making albums for 2010 and 2011.

I am not doing weekly spreads in 2010, but instead using the photos I have and sharing our story, however many spreads that may take.  I finished January and February in three spreads, but I expect the following months to take more since my oldest son, Ephram, was born in March of 2010 – and of course, we started taking a lot more daily photos.

Yesterday he turned 4 years old and being a typical preschooler, he’s begun asking to see himself as a baby.  It only seems fair that since I have albums full of Alwyn’s baby photos that I have some of Ephram’s baby photos printed as well.

& so far he really seems to enjoy looking at them.


This first spread covers January 2010.  Beau and I were living in cold Minnesota.  I was 7 months pregnant.  And our house was covered in snow.


The second spread shares photos from January and February and is mostly focused on Ephram’s nursery.  I was super excited to decorate this space and prepare for a baby in our home, so it only makes sense to dedicate most of a spread to it.


Throughout my pregnancy I took weekly photos of my belly.  I meant to put a book together one day with all of them but never got around to it.  (I still might since I also took weekly belly photos while pregnant with Alwyn and did not include all of them in my Project Life albums.)  This spread was a good way of showing some of those belly photos towards the end of my pregnancy, along with some pregnancy notes.


And then I became a mother.  :)


I’m so excited to continue on this album.

Cards used in these spreads come from Jade Edition, Baby Edition, Baby for Him Mini-kit, Seafoam Edition, Midnight Edition & Sunshine Edition.

PROJECT LIFE® is a simplified memory keeping system created by BECKY HIGGINS. To see my previous posts, click HERE.  Have questions?  Leave a comment!