Dear Moms, Get in the Photo

Dear Moms,

You’re one of the most important people in your children’s lives. You may even be THE most important. They run to you with scraped knees, bumped heads, and hurt feelings. But when you flip through your family photo albums years down the road, will you be present? Do you exist in those photos? Will the photos show how important a role you played in your children’s lives? Or will you be absent because you hated that you were carrying a few extra pounds or didn't like your hair that day?

Well the truth is that you have no excuse these days. Even if we don't make time for a professional photo session with our family, we have cameras right in our pockets most of the time. And every time we reach for our phones to check an email, text a friend, it only takes two seconds to also snap a photo of ourselves. Do it as a gift to your children and grandchildren so they are able to look back and literally SEE your love for them, years later.

In between those loads of laundry and puzzles, take a deep breathe. Grab your phone, snuggle up with your child, and snap a selfie. Or better yet, set that phone on a table, set up the self-timer, and go play. Give them a tickle. Have them tell you a joke. Read a story. Capture your every day selves loving on each other.


Happen to have a curvy sided phone (like the iPhone 6) that doesn't sit on it's own well?

Here's a quick tip: Use your charger as a tripod by placing your phone between the prongs. Just be careful to have the back of the phone lean against the prongs rather than on the screen, potentially scratching the glass. Scratches on my screen make me sadder than craving Chick-fil-a on a Sunday afternoon.