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1. It’s Tuesday?  That’s what my brain tried to wrap its head around for a good 3 minutes and 30 seconds after my alarm went off this morning.  How did it get to be Tuesday so fast?  Well, I’m dedicating this post to the past week, to catch myself up on just how it got to be Tuesday in lightning speed.

2. Last Wednesday was one of those rare days that I had to stay up after working an overnight shift, which wasn’t all that bad since as we all know, you can sleep when you are dead, right?!  Well I took a nice nap with Ephram from 1-3pm and then stayed up until 9pm with Beau.  I was feeling pretty good until Ephram started stirring Thursday morning at 6am… why does 6am have to seem so much earlier when the sun isn’t up? I miss summer.

3. Thursday, being as sleep deprived as I (still) was, we hung out in our pajamas for far too long, drank the whole pot of coffee Beau left for me, and edited through what has become one of my favorite family sessions to date.

4. I was back to work at 6am on Friday, just 48 hours after getting off an overnight shift at 6am, which was totally my fault, trying to move my schedule around to better spread out the daycare, but that 4:30am alarm hit me like a ton of bricks.  Luckily the coffee is free at work.  I’m not sure how I would work without it.

5. Friday was topped off with something we rarely ever get to do; have dinner and a movie.  Beau and I, together, after Ephram was fast asleep in bed.  Dinner was this fabulous Beef Stir Fry – I had to simplify a lot of it (orange blossom honey? ya right), but it was so good.  Beau loved it, which made me even happier.  The movie was Love and Other Drugs and it was exceptionally good (thank you Redbox).

6. Saturday was devoted to running errands, but we headed out for a hike after Ephram’s nap.  (more on that later)

7.  Football Sunday… let’s just say, I’ve had better.  I think we should have anticipated a loss, but let’s just say I don’t think I’m the only one that was put into a funk after yet another Vikings loss (to the Lions no less!).

8. After a walk downtown with my boys, a latte in hand, and even an enticing offer by Beau for retail-therapy-ing at Target (seriously, I think it was more than just a Vikings loss that was putting me in a weird funk and Beau could tell), I finally decided Sunday evening was the day I put my month long running break to an end.  Man, am I glad I did that.  I knocked off 20 seconds from my mile average!

9. Yesterday was my day off with Ephram. And again we enjoyed our pajamas longer than intended, like all day.  But I finally started the project I’ve been talking about doing for over 3 years.  Yes, I finally put the first coat of white paint on the trim of our bathroom, and so far am loving it, and hope to move on to our bedroom the next time I have nothing on my to do list during an Ephram nap. White trimmed house, here I come.

10. So enough about me.  What have you been up to?  How was your weekend?

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1. I swear Ephram is losing his baby fat bit by bit everyday, yet his feet are incredibly chubby.  And now that the cold weather has settled in, it’s not exactly acceptable for him to wear his sandals everywhere anymore.  (seriously, he lived in those things all summer.  no wonder they are so stinky.)  I think I’ve tried every toddler shoe from Target and Walmart on Ephram now and nothing really works.  I have always had a love for Toms and I have a feeling (or wish, one of the two) that they might fit his weirdly shaped feet.  But there is no way I’ll spend that kind of money on toddler shoes without trying them on him first.  So, I think E and I have a trip to Mall of America in our future.

2. Commenters: First, thanks for commenting.  I mostly write this blog to jot down memories along with the photos I capture of Ephram, and to share them with family + friends.  But sharing them with the world and hearing back from fellow parents and other internet peeps makes having a blog even more worth it.  All this to say, I changed up the comment format at the bottom of the posts.  It shouldn’t be too different from before, but you can now comment using your Facebook profile or by leaving your email address.

3. We enjoyed our backyard patio area one last time last week, picking all the remaining tomatoes and peppers prior to a low temperature of 25 degrees the next morning.  This past weekend Beau spent quite a bit of time ripping out all the veggie plants, disposing of any left over tomatoes, and digging up bulbs.  Sort of sad to see summer officially come to an end, but hey, on the bright side it’s only 7 months until we get to start all over… hmm, good thing I’ve got Pinterest to help me dream up plans for next years’ garden in the meantime.

4. Hey smoothie lovers, if you are like me, you end up with moldy fruit far too often.  I would freeze it all, but I don’t like the texture of frozen smoothies.  I’m much more of a thawed smoothie kind of girl.  Well anyways, I found this tip on rinsing fruit with vinegar/water to really help with my mold problem.  It seems to be working, or maybe I’m just having better luck this week.  Either way, I thought I’d share.

5. I’m pumped for the return of tv shows this week.  Parenthood, Modern Family, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, etc.  Gosh, when you list them all out, it adds up to so much tv time.  I’d  feel guilty about it, but I know the first snowfall isn’t too far off and the number of evenings we have to spend outside are numbered, so it’s okay.  So what shows are you looking forward to tonight?

6. Speaking of Glee, a coworker of mine looks just like Rachel Berry (aka Lea Michele).  What do you think? Amanda vs Lea Michele.

7. So how many are surprised by the drop in Netflix’s stock recently?  Since ending our subscription services with them and reuniting with Redbox, we’ve only rented one movie.  We even have a free movie code ready and waiting for us to snatch up the next time we do use Redbox.  we’ve had it for two months and have yet to use it, solely due to lack of time.  Maybe I should thank Netflix for raising their prices since it was just the kick I needed to stop spending money on something we clearly were not even using.

8. While editing a recent family session I realized I really need and want more photos of ephram and I together.  So I’m thinking about starting a self-portrait project.  Again.  And I’m pretty sure I’m going to need some motivation from others to keep up with it, so who’s with me?

9. Yesterday at playdate, Ephram’s little playmate Thisbe promptly whispered to her mom right after arriving, “snacks”.  Without a doubt, it’s the cutest thing I’ve seen a child (other than my own, of course) do this week.  But it also made me realize just how big our kids are getting.  When I first met this group of mamas, even the oldest ones could barely crawl.  Amazing.

10.  I’m still way behind on sharing photos.  I feel as though I may never catch up.  But at the same time, I have a feeling that the shortened days, cool weather, and lack of outdoor activities may bring me more time to share them in the not so distant future.

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1. Anyone else’s throat have a nearly permanent lump all weekend from holding back tears as they featured 9/11 documentaries on just about every channel?  Once we’d turn one on, it was like a bad car accident that you just couldn’t look away from.  I’m glad that we typically keep the tv off during the day when Ephram is awake, and on Sunday when we did have the tv on before the football game, the memorial service featured no photos of what happened 10 years ago.  I know Ephram wouldn’t think much of it now, but I just didn’t want him to see.  Drew summed my thoughts up best in her poston Sunday, “He’s too young to know how evil can be.”  By the way, I also loved her thoughts and perspective on what she will tell her son someday.  You can be sure I’ll be telling Ephram the same.

2. And just one more 9/11 mention. Dear Photograph is a site I’ve fallen in love with.  It contains photos of old photos, held up to match the same location as in the photo.  Such a clever idea.  On Sunday, they featured this one.

3. On Saturday, I purposely left my camera at home in hopes of just relaxing at a diaper shower for my friend, Kirsten.  I knew I’d regret it once I saw Ephram playing with all of his little friends, and I did.  The late summer evening sunlight was perfect and he and his 3 blonde boy buddies were being adorable.  Fortunately, my “point and shoot” iPhone is always with me and while the quality isn’t always the best, there aren’t any manual settings (I hate not being in full control of my camera), it can produce some great photos.  I love when I can get cool lens flares on my iPhone.

4. And to doubly convey how handy having a camera phone can be, I couldn’t pass up capturing this sweet moment at playdate yesterday (where Ephram is definitely an observer, as you can see). Good thing I had my phone!

5. For several years now I’ve seen bloggers take on a Thankful project in time for Thanksgiving and I planned on joining this year, but a recent discovery of this article shifted my thinking a bit.  Not only do I want to write about things I’m thankful for, but also for the positive aspects of being a mom.  I want to focus on the good days.  I love this mother’s first post and how simple but wonderful it is, just being thankful for an easy diaper change.  I can totally relate.

6. Whenever I find a link I like, I always end up surfing around the rest of the site I was lead to.  That happened with #6 and I also found this post by a fellow mother of an 18 month old who is considering converting her son’s crib to the toddler bed.  I hadn’t thought about it much yet since I had always figured that we’d do it once Ephram climbed out for the first time.  But after reading her post, I’m considering doing it sooner.  What are your thoughts fellow mamas?

7. Speaking of difficult toddlers, I came across this hilarious comedian last week who, from time to time, has the funniest posts about his children.  The first one I read was The Toddler Rite of Passage and I nearly started crying trying to hold back laughter while reading it at work.  If you read and like that one, definitely check out 3 Minutes Inside the Mind of My 2 Year Old, 3 Minutes Inside My Head, and 3 Hours Inside My Wife’s Brain.  All of which are just as funny.  Oh man, I hope he keeps writing.

8. Most of my friends and family have known that I’ve always wanted somewhat original names for my children.  And having a name like Donya, I think I can speak as a child who had an original name, that I did not get made fun of.  And instead, I think I quite liked not having to have the first letter of my last name constantly attached to my name (like Kelly G. and Kelly H. did).  So I got a little smile when I read Kal’s post about the names of the kids in her daughter’s preschool class.  I hope I’m safe in saying Ephram won’t have to have G attached to the end of his name in school.

9. I think I’ve shared this link before, but in case you like to watch the trends of popular names as much as I do, definitely check out the Baby Name Wizard.

10.  Let’s not talk about the Vikings game this past Sunday and just agree to hope that they’ll actually put an effort forth during the 2nd half of next week’s game.  Yes?

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1. I may have been just about the luckiest meteorologist this past weekend. Instead of being stuck at work forecasting for Hurricane Irene, I was up north in Wisconsin at my brother in law’s wedding without much of an internet connection even. I thought I had outsmarted Mother Nature, but then she gave me Poison Ivy while I was taking photos just to make sure I paid for the lucky break I’d been given!

2. In all seriousness, Mother Nature really did create quite a bit of damage. Click here to watch Irene’s journey through the Bahamas and up the East Coast from space. Here’s some awesome, crazy, sad photos culminated from Irene. And in case you are one of those people who have ever said that meteorologists overhype storms, here’s a funny little post for you.

3. In less seriousness, this little girl’s coverage of Irene is quite adorable. I don’t know of any other little girl who may have obsessed over hurricanes when she was that age… Nope, definitely not with the name of Donya.

4. That wedding I mentioned above? You can see a sneak peek on my Facebook Page. And while you are there, you might as well ‘like’ it too ;)

5. Speaking of the fabulous bride and groom, they must have been stalking my blog because they thanked me with a couple of outstanding gifts. One of which was the Happy Family Movement’s Adventure in a Box for Road Trips I had mentioned before on this hear blog. You have no idea how excited I am now to take Ephram on a road trip this winter! (Thanks again, Blake and Tanya! I’ll have your photos done soon!)

6. The ants in my kitchen (who also made it into our dining room, entry way, and laundry room…) have finally disappeared, and I think the magical cure was the large cucumbers we brought in from our garden. Who knew?! Oh, Pinterest, I love you.

7. Beau and I seem to be having an ongoing battle to beat each other’s scores in the game Extreme Road Trip. I’m not sure what is more addicting, attempting to beat Beau or just the game itself. You can thank me later for getting hooked.

8. Have heard some great things about Grocery IQ for list keeping, so I’m thinking about giving it a shot. Any reviews on it? Easy to update and use?

9. Is it true that friendship bracelets are making a resurgence? I may need to go dig in my closet for a few of the ones I made back in the day. Woah, I just felt old.  Something I did as a kid is already becoming fashionable again?

10. I am a lover of Fall weather, but whenever Summer starts coming to an end, all I can ever think of is the horribleness of Winter approaching. This year, I’m determined not to let the horribleness affect my attitude until it’s actually here. No point in worrying about the inevitable, right? I might as well just enjoy the prettiest seasonal change we get up here in Minnesota.  Though I may need a few dozen pumpkin gooey bars to assist in this attitude change…


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1. Our tornado sirens went off at 2:30am this morning. At first I thought I was sleeping after an overnight shift and it was just a 1pm Wednesday test. Then I realized it was 2:30am, we were supposed to get storms, and immediately grabbed my phone to check radar and make sure a tornado wasn’t really headed for my house. What did I see? A Severe Thunderstorm Warning to our west, but we. weren’t. even. in. the. warning. Nor did the storm look that intense. Maybe some large hail, which did not give me any reason to take cover anywhere other than under my sheets. Needless to say, I was a tad bit annoyed (since my alarm was set to go off at 4:20…) and I needed my sleep.

2. Trust me when I say, you want those sirens only going off when there really is something dangerous coming at you, because when you warn for storms that aren’t dangerous, people start to take those sirens less seriously.

3. If you are local, and you were awoken by the sirens at 2:30am for no reason like me, the good news is that it was a mistake apparently. The bad news; 2:30am is not exactly the best time make that type of mistake…

4. On a different weather related note, if you live in the Eastern US, I sure hope you are preparing for Hurricane Irene. Mother Nature really seems to be focused on the East Coast this week. An Earthquake hit them just a couple of hours ago too. By the way, the Earthquake already has twitter. Welcome to 2011.

5. I’ve been asked a few times recently about how I’ve gone about keeping track of my runs through the C25k program. The answer is Runkeeper on my iPhone. There are a number of apps available for C25k, but this one is free, tracks your routes, your speed, your incline, syncs them with their website online if you wish, and allows for music to play as well. Everything I could ask for in a running app, in my opinion.

6. Another iPhone app I do not think I could live without? TeuxDeux! Best to-do list out there in my opinion, though I wouldn’t mind some color coding options. (Hear that Teux Deux?)

7. I stumbled across this story/quote this week. Made me think a little bit, so I thought I’d share.

8. If you know me, you know I love Taylor Swift (and yes, I still have all three of her cd’s playing on repeat in my car at least once a week). Beyond her amazing song writing skills, she’s just so genuine. And it shows in her latest blog post of vacation photos.

9. Ephram’s still being picky as ever when it comes to food, and I realize this is completely normal in my head, but sometimes reading it on the interwebs makes me feel just a little bit better. ;)

10. Guess what? I actually took my DLSR out on, not one, but TWO walks this past weekend. So I’ve got plenty of photos of this sweet little man to share. Here’s just one that I immediately fell in love with.

Toddler playing in the water at the park

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