Donya Luana

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Preserving memories has become an important practice and hobby in my life.  From the days of journaling and collaging thoughts and events in my high school bedroom to recording the details of my son's heart surgery at 7 days old.  Life happens fast and I cringe at the thought of forgetting or taking for granted any minute of it.  The practice of memory keeping allows a way for my brain to process the events of our days, while also creating stories for my children and children's children to view in the future.  

As this hobby has become such a huge part of who I am, teaching others easy and simple ways to record memories has also become important to me.  I invite you to learn what works for you and begin recording your life stories through photos and words by searching the many classes available over at Big Picture Classes by using the link below.

pocket prompts

10 Easy Photo & Journaling Prompts to Spark your Memory Keeping

Photographing Boys

Tips and Techniques for Creating Images that Tell a Story

Living with your memories

Learn how filling your home with photos is another form of memory keeping!